If you meet the requirements and qualifications for owning a Sweet Peppers Deli franchise, and are accepted by our Board of Directors, your financial requirements are:

Signing the Franchise Agreement

Sweet Peppers Deli franchise rights provides you:

Grant of a designated area.
Site selection & lease negotiation assistance.
Architectural drawing & engineering planning assistance.
Owner/manager/employee franchise training program.
Grand opening assistance for your restaurant.
In-field operations support and training updates.
Sweet peppers deli restaurant operations manual.
Use of the sweet peppers deli name, marks and system.

Before Opening for Business*

An additional investment is required to open your Sweet Peppers Deli franchise (the estimates below are based on a building size of approximately 4000 square feet, smaller or larger space will affect the amounts):

ExpenseLease or Conversion
Franchise Fee$30,000$30,000
Layout & Design Planning1,0001,000
Architectural Plans25,00035,000
Lease Deposits2,5005,000
Leasehold Improvements300,000375,000
Equipment Package225,000275,000
POS System25,00040,000
Smallwares Package25,00030,000
Sign Package15,00030,000
Catering Van15,00020,000
Opening Inventory and Services10,00020,000
Promotional and Pre-Opening Expenses15,00025,000
Travel and Living Costs while Training2,5005,000
Professional Fees2,0003,000
Additional Funds20,00030,000

Royalty and Advertising Contribution

Royalty: 5% of your Gross Sales, depending on sales volume; 2% for local advertising (being spent by franchisee) and 1% for advertising fund.

*Items 5, 6 and 7 of the disclosure document should be consulted for a more detailed description of your total estimated initial investment and other costs and expenses associated with the ownership and operation of a Sweet Peppers Deli franchise.