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Q • 
How many square feet is the average Sweet Peppers Deli?
3600-4000 sq ft depending on layout and dimensions.
Q • 
Will I be trained to run my restaurant?
Yes. All franchisees must attend and successfully complete the training program provided by Sweet Peppers Deli at our store in Tupelo, MS. The cost of training is included in your franchisee fee, though travel, food and lodging are the responsibility of the franchisee. All owners and operating managers are required to attend training.
Q • 
Can you send me financial information such as typical profits, sales, ROI's, investment amounts, etc. for a Sweet Peppers Deli franchise?
We have a Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD), which contains investment cost information. This document also contains an earnings claim for our Sweet Peppers Deli. However we only furnish a copy of this circular once we receive your information and we wish to continue discussions.
Q • 
What is the total investment?
The costs vary based on size of facility, location and whether the location is a build out in a shopping center or free standing building. The estimated costs of owning a Sweet Peppers Deli are illustrated on the investment page.
Q • 
Will my territory be protected?
Yes, each franchise owner is allotted an area in which no other franchise is awarded.
Q • 
Do I need previous food experience?
Experience is always helpful, but not necessary. Sweet Peppers Deli Franchise Systems has complete training program that will provide you with the training and information that you will need to operate a Sweet Peppers Deli franchise.
Q • 
Does Sweet Peppers Deli supply me with an accounting system, daily sales summary system and inventory control system?
Yes, Complete, easy to use accounting, daily sales summary, and inventory control systems are provided in your Operations Manual, and you will be trained on their use. These systems are designed to help you maintain the highest product quality and track your business performance.
Q • 
Do I receive assistance in opening my business?
Yes, in addition to your initial training period, Sweet Peppers Deli Franchise Systems will send our opening team to work with you and your restaurant for several days during your first month of operation.
Q • 
Is there a national advertising program?
At this time there is not a national advertising program. As Sweet Peppers Deli grows the need will arise for a national advertising program. For this purpose, each franchisee contributes one (1) percent of gross receipts for a marketing program paid monthly with royalty payment. In addition, franchisees are required to fund restaurant-opening advertising and maintain local advertising and promotional activities.
Q • 
May I find my own location?
Yes, but all sites must meet the site criteria and are subject to approval by Sweet Peppers Franchise Systems, LLC.
Q • 
Are there any ongoing fees paid to Sweet Peppers Deli Franchisee Systems, such as royalties?
Yes, there is a 5% royalty fee, a 2% advertising fee to be spent by the franchisee locally and a 1% marketing fee.
Q • 
How long before I can begin operating as a Sweet Peppers Deli franchise owner?
That depends on a number of variables, including financing, site selection, time spent in training, construction or remodeling time, obtaining licenses and permits, and the number of prospective franchisees on our waiting list. Six to nine months after signing the agreement is typical.